JOY DRAVECKY, started her namesake brand in the winter of 2009.  She and her husband, JD, had just introduced their first son, Jude, to the world and it was uncertain times.  JD had just decided to go back to school to finish his degree and JOY decided to let go of her plans to be a physician assistant to stay home with Jude.  What started as a creative outlet for JOY during the holiday season of 2009, paired with wanting to give her friends and family Christmas gifts ended up paving the way for what would become their family business.
JOY went to the local mall one day and passed by a bead store.  With $20 bucks in her pocket, she cashed in and bought the parts to what would be the first necklace in the JOY DRAVECKY line.  Friends, family, and strangers alike quickly took notice and with their encouragement JOY continued to harness her creative energy into designing more styles, launching an Etsy shop, and building a brand. 
 In August of 2018 Joy and JD traveled to Istanbul where JOY found inspiration in the bazaars and they discussed JD’s passion for entrepreneurialism. They decided to join forces and have JD come on as COO of Joy Dravecky Jewelry and in turn to move their family to Newport Beach, California, to fulfill the dream they had always had of bringing up their boys at the beach. 
Today, JOY DRAVECKY has a loyal following and can be found in several high-end retailers throughout the United States.