Joy Dravecky Jewelry was designed with the intent to be wearable and approachable yet unique. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and crafted. Joy Dravecky Jewelry is made to be worn with love yet stand out with its one-of-a-kind details.

 I started Joy Dravecky Jewelry to create timeless pieces that bring a fresh twist to vintage traditions. Each new collection has a story behind its creation and chronicles experiences or inspirations from our lives and travels.

Joy Dravecky Jewelry started as the hobby and creative outlet of a young mom and newlywed. With her aspirations for a career in medicine put on hold after the newlyweds found out they were expecting, Joy channeled her drive and creative energy into creating jewelry. What started as a small hobby in an Etsy shop soon blossomed throughout her children’s preschool years. By 2015, Joy had fine-tuned her line, was selling to other retailers, and opened up her own storefront shortly after. 

In 2018, Jonathan and Joy decided to work together as Managing Director and Creative Director, respectively. Jonathan’s belief in Joy and passion for entrepreneurship catapulted the line from selling to smaller specialty boutiques to selling across the country. Joy Dravecky Jewelry can now be found in retailers such as Free People, Anthropologie, Revolve, Local Eclectic, and Rocksbox.

The couple now live and create out of Southern California, continuing to be inspired by all things meaningful in life.